Car Lifts with driver on board|PARKPIU'

Car Lifts with driver on board
Parking facilities with lift

Parking systems with or without driver

1 raising platform for use WITH DRIVER ON BOARD, outdoor, for the transport of motor vehicles with only the driver on board in accordance with Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC.

Facility Standard Features

Crossable external photocell barrier at perimeter

Photocell barriers within system

2nd descent velocity

Automatic landing door Multi-function traffic light

Courtesy lights

2 pushbutton panels for operation by crew on board

1 pushbutton panel for operation by crew on ground floor

1 pushbutton panel for opening and closing of doors to the underground level Load-sensing pressure switch

UPS (static UPS for descent in case of power failure)

Structure features

    • Fe 360 B steel
    • Galvanized checker-plate parking platforms
    • Hot-dip galvanized supporting structure
    • Rooftop ready for paving (max 150 kg/sq m)
    • Perimeter steel duct for the collection and disposal of surface water
    • Galvanized steel rooftop edge with drip function
    • Emergency safety hatch on facility rooftop
    • Electrical panel with PLC with multi-function display with self-diagnosis
    • Electric motor powered with 380 kW 5.5 three-phase current (7.5 KVA draw)
    • 2 hydraulic lift cylinders positioned under the platform and completely out of sight
    • Lift system with 4 independent synchronized cables
    • Hydraulic unit with oil reservoir and hydraulic pump with pressure gauge
    • Galvanized steel/flexible rubber hose hydraulic tubing with reinforcement for high pressure

Included Services

    • Assembly and transport
    • Design drawings and diagrams for electrical fixtures, instruction and maintenance booklet
    • Affixing of supply guides and elements with screw anchors for CE Marking - attestation of conformity reinforced concrete spaces
    • Insurance policy with a leading national company