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From Cantu to Kuwait, via China. The automatic parking leaders

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Realization new installation automatic parking in Milan

Parkpiù realizes a new automatic parking system in Milan 10 minutes from the city center. The plant will be delivered in the month of February 2017.

New headquarters Parkpiù in China

New headquarters for joint venture in China.
Parkpiù, after the realization of the three major projects in China, has decided, together with his main customer, to create iPark.

ACICO launches new ‘smart parking system’ in Kuwait

ACICO Construction has launched its new ‘smart parking system’ to help resolve a space crunch in many areas of Kuwait. “This is a new product by ACICO. We want to help manage the distressing park- ing problems in Kuwait.

New Parkpiù site is online

The new Parkpiù site is online and rich with content. Numerous videos and a photo gallery with all of our creations.


Parkpiù in India

May is a very important month for PARKPIÙ: thanks to collaboration agreements with Enspacia, Parkpiù has presented its products and services to the most important architects and entrepreneurs in India during a dedicated event held at a prestigious hotel in Chennai. Enspacia will exclusively use PARKPIÙ branded and patented products – the same that Parkpiù uses for its own clients worldwide. Once again, PARKPIÙ is proud to be a leader in bringing part of Made in Italy to one of the fastest-growing markets in the world: India.

China - Automatic Parking System

The realization of our automatic parking system in China

Progress in Kuwait - The Palms

For the prestigious The Palms hotel in Kuwait, the staff of Parkpiù is proceeding with the construction of one of the most complex automatic parking systems on the market.