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Discover our automatic parking systems

Our systems are planned and designed by our technicians according to the needs of each individual client. Installation and maintenance are carried out by our qualified staff. Our company designs and installs automatic parking systems both in Italy and abroad, while guaranteeing the professional assistance of our qualified personnel.

To see some of the systems we have engineered, refer to the automatic parking photo and video section – or contact us to see them in person. Need information or advice on the type most suited to your needs?


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Mechanized systems designed to create more parking spots, optimizing available space. Mechanized systems, underground or above, for private garages, apartment buildings, courtyards, hotels, and outdoor parking lots. Sliding or rotary mechanical parking platforms.

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Automated parking systems designed to create large parking facilities. Ideal automated systems for public parking, apartment garages, and car dealerships. Automatic structures with under- or above-ground parking levels.

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